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  • 100% NATURAL



E Z A S W I S S stands for simplicity.


Natural Body care for every skin type.

  • infant

  • Pregnant women

  • Normal skin

  • Combination to oily skin

  • Mature skin 

  • Sensitive skin

  • Dry skin

- 100% natural

- without chemical additives

- without animal testing

- pure ingredients


Here is a brief insight into the production of EZASWISS foot butter. Feel free to watch and if you like it, share! Thank you.

Marble Surface

What our customers say...

EZASWISS Foot Butter, 80g
"A wonderful natural product! The foot butter does what it promises. A treat for the feet. Easy to apply and the result is visible after just a few uses. Highly recommended." Sara N., Switzerland

EZASWISS Lip Balm Lavender & Grapefruit, 10g
I like to use it and I really like the special smell! The functionality of the cardboard box is also good, the lid is tight and doesn't go down in my pocket. It is very greasy on the lips. Conclusion: smell and packaging are awesome, I don't know anything comparable.
Rachel, Switzerland

EZASWISS wound protection butter
"Since we've been using BabyBuns wound protection butter for our daughter, she hasn't had a red bum anymore. (She always had before). I can only recommend it. It takes very little and works wonders." Andrea K., Switzerland

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